Bolde Mask & Snorkel Set


Unique, BOLDE coloured Mask and Snorkel Set
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This mask and snorkel set includes our old school, traditional mask with a 180° wide angle lens, and our unique, BOLDE coloured snorkel (featuring Dry Snorkel Technology). Paired together, you will have the ultimate, underwater diving experience.



Easy to use adjustable straps.
180° wide angle lens providing an unobstructed view underwater.
Ergonomic design for a greater, more comfortable fit.
Tempered glass lens for ultimate clarity and safety.
Soft, silicone skirt with seal ring to prevent water leakage.

Dry Snorkel Technology eliminates water entry without sacrificing performance.
Curved mouthpiece for greater comfort.
Adjustable mask clip.
Purge valve for easy elimination of water.

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