Code Foils Fuselage V1


Designed for total stiffness and versatility in mind
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Code Foils offer 3 lengths of fuselages to provide more versatility to their range. In addition to the medium, they have the ‘small’ and the ‘large’ fuse. These are 30mm shorter and longer than the medium respectively. The small offers a higher cadence pump and even further manoeuvrability to the range, whereas the large fuselage offers greater pitch stability and is great for learning. A lot of downwind foilers love the large fuse as it offers further stability with a slower cadence pump. Add to this the ability to change your tail wing and to shim to suit your unique style and feel. Riders can mount their favourite tails to the code setup if they wish for more versatility and experimentation.

Designer notes:
When designing our fuselage our main goals where strength, stiffness and absolutely zero movement in the joins. We also wanted the setup to be adaptable so we have made the fuse in 3 different lengths and provided the option to change tail wings simply and quickly to find the perfect setup for each rider. Marcus, Ben, Dan and James


Weight 3 kg

Large, Medium, Small

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