We prioritize performance over convenience, so we chose to mold the mast and fuselage in one piece. The advantages of one-piece construction are increased stiffness, superior strength, no weak points of connections and extreme reduction of reliance of metal parts. 100% pre-preg carbon fiber. 

You spoke to us and we listened! 
All our components in the 1.5 Generation are interchangeable. 
So, you can buy just what you need. 

We believe in simple and strong. 
All hardware is provided with each mast. 

Mast Length: 29.5″/32.5″/36.5″
Mast Thickness: 055”/14mm
Chord Length: 5.39”/137mm

4 washers—must be used to honor warranty
4 M8x1x30mm stainless steel bolts
4 mast track t nuts
Front wing:1-M6x1x25mm flat top countersunk stainless steel screw
Back wing:1-M6x1x18mm flat top countersunk stainless steel screw
Mast cover


Weight 4 kg

29.5", 32.5", 36.5", 40.0"

GoFoil Plate Mast


100% Pre-preg Carbon Fibre GoFoil Plate Masts in 29.5", 32.5", 36.5" and 40.0" lengths.
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SKU: GO FOIL Plate Mast w cover

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