RSPro Hexa Traction


A clear deck grip with a modular configuration to suit boards of all sizes.

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The Hexa Traction deck grip is light, thin and doesn’t absorb water. It has a modular configuration to suit boards of all sizes and to let you configure the grip how you want it. It’s also clear so you can still see your board’s graphics.

Deck grip is great because it doesn’t melt in the sun, it protects your boards from sun damage and it’s more comfortable if you’ve got kids on the board.

Each standard kit (box) has

  • 18 full hexagons of 16cm
  • 4 half hexagons
  • a HexaTraction star shaped installation template.

Standard kit net weight: 115 grams.

SUP full deck: 2-3 standard kits (boxes) is recommended.

Hexa Traction Installation

  • Clean the deck thoroughly with alcohol
  • Plot your layout
  • Pour fresh water where you want to lay the deck grip. This helps to stop air bubbles.
  • Remove the back adhesive just to halfway and stick on the board in the position you want. Align it with the centre of your board (if you want!). Then remove the last half and stick down.
  • Rub a cloth over the top of the board grip to remove the water residue from under the grip.
  • Use the star shaped installation template to line up the rest of your hexagons as you lay them individually as per steps 3-5.
  • Complete the layout with the half hexagons if you need.

You can watch an installation video here.


Weight 1 kg

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