SMIK SUP/ Wingfoil Light Edition V3


The ideal one board quiver for when you want to sup foil as well as wing foil.
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SKU: Smik SupWingFoilV3


Full Carbon PVC are ridiculously light and strong with the eps pvc deck not being too far behind in weight and durability, with both constructions having a 0% failure rate from the last couple seasons’ boards. Carbon becomes even lighter by 400 grams to differentiate between the two constructions more.

From being the new kid on the block, 6 years have passed with Smik evolving to be considered the premium Stand up Paddle brand in Australia with unequalled performance and durability due to the use of premium materials and ongoing research and development.

Wing boards have evolved rapidly and have needed to be updated. Along with differentiation between carbon and eps/pvc graphics.


Weight 7 kg

5’8 x 29 @109L, 6'9 x 32 @143L, 6’0 x 29 @116, 6’3 x 29.5 @121L, 6’6 x 30 @ 126L

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