V3 SMIK wings are further refining what were already the highest tension, ultra-responsive wing on the market, increasing its wind range and control even further.

Optically, the horizontal cut panels are something that’s obviously apparent, but what you can’t see is how the skin tension has been achieved differently. Without giving too much away, skin tension is still extremely tight in the forward two thirds , but achieved in a way which has allowed the leach to breathe. Pumping up onto the foil in marginal conditions is ridiculously efficient as a result, whilst being less back handy and driving forward as you get over powered.

Shaping and tension also provide lift and drive through manoeuvres helping you to drive through tacks and boost big airs without struts folding in half, meaning greater hang time.


Weight 4 kg

3.0 M, 3.5 M, 4.0 M, 5.0 M, 6.0 M

SMIK Wind Wing V3


Smik Wings – Light | Balanced | Powerful | Efficient | Effortless
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