THE PILOT will help you prone foil like a pro!

This collaboration between two of the biggest foil frothers you’ll ever meet being James (Jimmy) Casey and Marcus Tardrew will have you foiling like the pros themselves.

When you have the right gear it makes all the difference, get on one today!


The board is skinnier and pulled in more at the nose and tail than previous models. I use the 4’3 and it feels smaller than the previous 4’0” I had.


The rails are big and fat to stop the rail catching and steering you on touchdowns.


The rocker on this board is a little lower than previous models but the new shape deck allows the nose to smoothly go underwater if it needs to and flow back out without pushing a heap of water.


Starting at the nose we have a very round bottom which quickly flows into a quad concave with the outer points of concaves higher than the inside (almost like 4 vee concaves) causing water to flow and release off the lower points for a very smooth transition from being in the water to foiling with no huge speed jump like a flat bottom board does when the whole thing separates at the same time. The back third has the Box area which has been set to the correct angle to the standing area so the board around it can have some rocker. The tail has cutaways and a little flip behind the boxes to reduce wetted surface area when touching down and reducing the volume to allow the tail to sink when you get to your feet and need to pump it out of the water.


We have a concave deck to get the rider as close to the foil as possible while maintaining the volume needed. It’s a soft concave without any drastic edges so it doesn’t trap water on the deck after takeoff.


Weight 6 kg

4'6" x 18 3/4" x 2 7/8" @ 33.9L, 4'9" x 19 1/2" x 3" @ 38.2L

Sunova Pilot Surf Foil Carbon Tec


The PILOT will help you prone foil like a pro!
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