2021 King Of The Cut Wing Clinic


If you love wing foiling and you’re entered in the Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut, you could be coached by last year’s wing foil KING, Bastien Escofet, from KING WING Foil Centre.

About the CLINICS

Clinics will be run on three days and you can sign up for one, two or all three days.


Clinics will run on:

  • 11th November
  • 18th November
  • 25th or 27th November – depending on wind.


4/5 hours per 1 day clinic


  • Performance coaching with Basti
  • 2/3 downwinds per day (forecast dependent), working on speed, technique, etc.
  • Gear checking , trim tips and advice

Heads up! Limited access – Only 8 spots for each clinic!


$250 per person for 1 day !

10% off if you book all three days.


Basti is highly-talented Professional Windsurfer and Wingfoiler from France, skilled in Freestyle, Race, Downwind and Wave. He’s been living and training in Western Australia for 4 years.

He is addicted to big wave riding on the foil, loves speed up to 30knts+ and his favourite trick is the FRONT FLIP!

Last year he won the KING OF THE CUT and he’s aiming to defend his title this year.

Book now

Book early because spots are limited.

To book now, just call Anna 0466 546 887