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Surf Foiling

Surf foiling is definitely one of the more difficult foil sports. This is because you’re getting to your feet while the wave is breaking and the foil starts to lift. Once you’re up though, it makes any wave fun.

To get started in foil surfing, find waves in the 1-2 foot range that are more of a gentle, rolling style. Keep well away from other people in the water. And make sure the water is deep enough for your foil!

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Before You Start

Make sure you check out our learn to foil advice if you’ve not done any foiling before. Practicing behind a boat or jet ski is highly recommended before you even try prone surf foiling. It’ll save you a lot of time and definitely reduce your chance of getting hurt.

It’s also vital that you already know how to surf prior to learning prone surf foiling.

A handy tip is to just take the board for a paddle before you go foiling. See how it duck dives, get used to sitting on it, find where it feels balanced.  This will help you avoid some early crashes.

We also recommend a wetsuit and helmet for your early sessions to protect your body a little more.

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Standing Up

There’s always a sweet spot on the foil board. Generally, have your back foot over the mast or maybe a little bit behind it. Your feet should be roughly shoulder width apart.

Heavy front foot pressure helps you control the foil as you’re getting up. This will stop the board from popping out of the water too fast. When the wave hits you, it gives your foil a lot of speed, which generates lift. You want to slow that lift down to allow enough time to stand up. It can also help to have your mast a bit further back in your board, so it lifts a little later.

You want to pop up in the perfect position before the foil rises. It helps to put some deck pads where your feet should be.

If you’re not in the right spot and find yourself losing balance – don’t try to correct it. Just bail and start again.


Riding the Surf Foil

Keep your chest vertical and your shoulder nice and open to maintain the right balance.  You’ll tend to have more of a squat stance on a foil – it’s a bit different to surfing. 

Putting weight on your front foot will help the foil dive down. Putting weight on your back foot will tilt the wing upright and give you more lift. As you’re cruising along the wave, you’ll probably have a bit more pressure on your front foot than your back foot, due to the speed of the wave generated lift.

Once again, if you find yourself falling off, just go with it. The worst thing you can do is try to correct it and fall back towards the foil.

We’ve got a full range of surf foil gear in store to buy or demo. Come and chat to our foil experts to get started or find the right gear for you.

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