S Series Front Wing
Available in 6 sizes to offer completely different characteristics to the rider’s quiver.

The ultimate all round wing, beginner to advanced
Prone, Wing, SUP or even Downwind this foil excels in all disciplines of foiling.
Adept in critical sections as well as drawing smooth flowing lines.
Suitable for all levels of rider.
The High Modulus 1130S is the go-to wing for heavier riders in all disciplines.

NOW Available in 6 sizes! 615, 720, 850, 980 and 1130 and 1300.

Span: 765mm
Area: 615cm2
A/R: 9.5

SPAN: 830mm
AREA: 720cm2
A/R: 9.5

SPAN: 900mm
AREA: 850cm2
A/R: 9.5

SPAN: 965mm
AREA: 980cm2
A/R: 9.5

SPAN: 1035mm
AREA: 1130

SPA: 1115mm
AREA: 1300cm2
A/R: 9.5

The 615S is a high-performance, very fast foil that excels in wing foiling and towing.

We are excited to release the 720S. This loose and surfy front wing offers high manoeuvrability. It’s been a go-to in the surf for our test riders over the last few months. The small size still offers a huge amount of lift with superior pump and glide for a wing of its size. For winging, this has proven to be incredible; offering tight turns in the pocket as well as lightning speed in the straight line. For the heavier rider this wing may not be the best option, not to say our bigger riders haven’t been enjoying it.

The 850s is designed to be an all round wing. This wing sits squarely in the middle of the range. It strikes a balance between early lift and dynamic surfability. For a mid-sized foil this wing offers superior glide and pump. Pair this with our new tails and fuselages to paint new lines in the water.

The 980S is the wing that moves Code Foils towards the beginner market. It’s the perfect front wing for the intermediate foiler, and works great for learners when teamed with the long fuse and the 158AR tail. The amount of lift provided by a front wing under 1000 square centimetres is really impressive and something we are proud of. It is great for those with a little bit of foiling knowledge that want to experience a foil that turns hard and surfs in all disciplines, be it downwind, prone or dinging. Experienced riders will really enjoy this wing in super small swells and light conditions.

1130S – High Modulus
The 1130S High Modulus front wing is designed for beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders in all disciplines, including downwind foiling, wing foiling, surf foiling, and dock starting. It offers a great range of speed, a low stall threshold, and excellent manoeuvrability. The tips breach without any downside, just like the other wings in the S series. For surf foilers, prone paddlers, and SUP riders, these front wings have already unlocked multiple wave linkups for so many of our riders. During our testing, we found that the 1130S is the go-to wing for heavier riders in all disciplines. For more experienced riders, it has also unlocked downwind foiling in windless conditions and effortless winging in light conditions.

1300S – High Modulus
The 1300S front wing is our beginner-friendly front wing, providing early and ample lift to get you up and foiling quickly across all disciplines. Its fantastic stability and high-modulus construction ensure a stiff and uncompromising performance. Dock starters will especially love this front wing’s ease of use at slow speeds and exceptional glide for its size and span. Heavier prone foilers seeking to link multiple waves in tiny, gutless conditions while effortlessly cruising back to the lineup will adore this foil. This front wing opens up Code Foils to beginners in the growing discipline of downwind foiling. It strikes the perfect balance between early lift and glide, allowing users to not only get up and foiling but also begin linking bumps in downwind conditions. For the more advanced rider across any discipline, be it wing foiling or dock starting, this wing will keep you foiling in any light or gutless conditions, even when the forecast isn’t looking too good!


Weight 4 kg

1130, 1300, 615, 720, 850, 980

Code Foils Front Wing – S Series V1


Available in 6 sizes to offer completely different characteristics to the rider’s quiver
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