Choosing The Right All Rounder SUP

When you’re looking for the perfect all-round SUP, you want something that has:

  • enough glide for flat water cruising
  • sufficient stability for catching waves
  • good performance when it’s on a wave.

While you might progress to something purely surf oriented or fitness related, the right all-round SUP always has a place in your quiver.


You can use an all rounder SUP for cruising on flat water and catching a few waves.
It's a board that's fun for everyone and all occasions.

Our Favourites

Some of the best all rounder SUPs are the SUNS Cruise, Stand Up Surf Shop All Rounder, NSP All Rounder and the Sunova One.

Mainly flat water

The SUNS Cruise & NSP All Rounder will suit those who will spend most time doing flat water paddling, but want to catch a few small waves.

Mainly surf

  • The Stand Up Surf Shop All Rounder is best if you want to spend at least half your time catching a few small waves, but still do a bit of flat water paddling.
  • The Sunova One is a timeless looking board with quality construction from the Sunova factory.
  • The Starboard Whopper is a long time favourite for its versatility and user-friendly nature. It’s big enough to throw the kids on, but can turn really well for its size. This board is one of the long time favourites of our shop owner, Mike Galvin.

For The Ladies

There’s also some perfect all rounder SUP boards built specifically for females in mind. They’ve got good glide characteristics and are stable enough for an entry level rider.

The best looking option is the stunning Fanatic Diamond. It has enough width for entry level stability, but is a great length for girls.

Other options include the Stand Up Surf Shop All Rounder, the Sunova One or the SUNS Cruise. Most girls will suit SUP boards that are 9’0 to 9’6 in length.