Just Add Water

What better way to enjoy your day out at Rotto, Garden Island or on the Swan River than by going for a SUP. It’s a beautiful way to explore and appreciate your surrounding – at whatever pace you choose. And it’s an easy tender to get to and from the shore.

With over 75,000 boats registered in Perth, boating presents a unique set of circumstances when it comes to stand up paddling.

You want a board that is easy to store and resistant to damage. And this is where inflatable SUPs and soft top paddle boards hold a strong advantage over the traditional hard boards.


Suitable stand up paddle boards for boating include inflatable SUP boards and soft top stand up paddle boards with strong construction.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Nine out of ten SUP boards sold in Europe are inflatables, and there’s significant growth in Australia now. So designers are putting major effort into making these boards work well.

What once was considered inferior cousins to a hard board, inflatables have come a long way in the last decade.  Leading the charge is Red Paddle Co, who have having been solely focused on inflatable SUPs for 10 years. With such a strong focus on development, the top inflatables now feel comparable to a hard board in many ways. And there’s great pumps to make the inflation fast and easy.

Inflatable SUP’s are ideal for those who are short on space, but still want to get out on the water. They’re good for travelling, boating and small space storage. Easy for cruising around on flat water or as a tender to get to shore.


Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Boards

If storage is not an issue, a Soft Top is a great option.

A soft top is made of high density foam, meaning no chipping, dinging or marking either your boat or your board. In recent years, there’s been a big improvement in construction. Boards shifted away from soft bottoms and soft rubber fins to a harder epoxy bottom and fibreglass fins. This has made soft tops much more versatile than before.

The SUNS Soft Top is a perfect board to throw on the boat. It’s designed by WA people, so it handles our harsh sun better than most. It won’t dent or scratch your boat when you’re going over choppy seas and it’s safer for kids (or is that safe from kids!).

This is our board of choice for the Perth Stand Up Paddle School because it’s really strong, easy to use and it’s not intimidating. You can also use it as a low cost tender to get to and from the shore. And if there’s a little wave at Transits, you can go and have fun!