Why SUP for fitness?

Any form of SUP boarding will get you fit and improve your core strength and balance across your whole body. But if you’re looking for a specific SUP board for fitness, consider these things:

  • Do you want to get fit primarily by paddling long distances?
  • Do you want to get fit mainly paddling in all types of water and perhaps catching a few waves as well?

Fitness doesn’t have to be hard work. It can be as simple as going for a paddle 3 times a week for an hour or so. This gives your body and mind time to switch off and relax. When you get back to shore, you feel more rejuvenated than before.

Ultimately, the best board for fitness is the one that you’ll use the most.

Stand up paddle boarding is a proven and really enjoyable way to increase your fitness and core strength.

Long Distance

If you mainly want to get fit by paddling long distances, get yourself a longer board for increased glide. This applies regardless of whether you’re paddling in flat water or in the ocean.

If you’re serious about long distance, it’s worth considering a race board as you can really travel fast and far. Just because it’s called a race board, doesn’t mean you have to race. The longer and narrower style of race boards provides far better efficiency through the water, meaning you can paddle further and easier than an all rounder.

All Water Fitness

If you want to properly train, paddle distances and catch a few waves as well, a longer, narrower SUP surfboard may suit. These boards can still turn quite easily on a wave, but they have more glide on flat water than a shorter SUP surfboards.

The SMIK Style Lord and SMIK Hipster Twin Longboard are good options here.

You can definitely have a lot of fun on the waves with these classic longboard shapes.

SUP Yoga

SUP yoga became the hot trend because it is an incredible work out. It requires more strength, balance and focus – you’ll be using muscles that you wouldn’t use in traditional land based yoga.

It’s also a beautiful way to do yoga. Water is calming, you’re breathing fresh air and you’re surrounded by open spaces and stunning scenery.

Traditional entry level boards really suit SUP yoga. They’re a bit longer and wider, giving you more room and more stability. Choose a board that is over 30″ wide and longer than 10’0.

SUP Fitness Classes

  1. We run SUP fitness classes on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings.

Training in a group gives most people greater motivation and the social side makes it fun.

Our SUP fitness classes are for intermediate paddlers who are looking to develop and refine their paddling and to improve overall fitness.

Find out more about our fitness classes here.