Why SUP Is Great For Kids

  • Stand up paddle boarding is a healthy, fun and energetic sport that instills confidence and a love for the water.
  • Once you have a board and paddle, there is nothing more to outlay. No term fees, no fixed training days, no rosters!!!
  • It’s an easy sport to learn. Your kids will have a beaming smile on day one.
  • There’s also plenty of skills to master to keep them engaged for as long as they want. Catching waves, racing/distance paddling, SUP yoga and foiling.
  • SUPing is something healthy and fun that the whole family can enjoy together. Happy kids = happy Mums and Dads!


You'll be amazed at how young children are able to stand up paddle by themselves. It's not uncommon to see a six year old master the art and be able to turn the board and paddle by themselves.

Choosing The Right Kids SUP

A size appropriate board is the best for a kids SUP.

  • Having a board that they can carry themselves gives your child a sense of independence.
  • Many kids learn incredibly fast. The right size board will help them progress further and and sustain their interest.
  • It’s easier for them to turn and do manoeuvres once they master the basics.

So, a smaller, lighter SUP board is ideal. But just keep in mind how quickly they grow – you’ll need to think about their future needs as well.

Just like our grown up customers, we really encourage kids to take a few boards to try out. This way, they can have a play around and also practice carrying the board to and from the water.

Kids SUP Boards

Some great kids SUPs that are specifically designed for younger kids include:

  • Little Rippas Jelly Froth 5’6 x 28″ – A perfect kids SUP for a small grom who wants to learn on flat water and potentially try catching a few waves.
  • Little Rippas Whale Froth 6’7 x 26″- An entry level kids SUP for a medium size child who wants to ultimately learn to catch some waves. This one is as bit bigger and has more of a surf outline than the Jelly Froth.
  • Little Rippas Croc Froth 6’7 x 26″- A bright green kids SUP that is designed for fun and inspired in looks by the crocodile.
  • Ocean and Earth Spud 7’0 x 26″ – A strong entry level SUP board for young kids aged five to ten years old. It has a safe and durable soft deck.

Some good SUPs for teenagers include:

  • Deep Six Teen SUP 8’6 x 29″ – Excellent for ten years and up. Great for flat water cruising but also perfect for learning to catch waves. Light weight and durable.
  • Stand Up Surf Shop All Rounder 9’0 x 30″ – very stable, so perfect for older children into early teens.
  • Smik E-Sea Rider 9’1 x 31″ – A great shaped board that your child will grow into. If you need a board that mum and kids can share – this is it!

You can also put a child or teenager on any small surf SUP and this will also work quite well. Gives you a good excuse as well…..

The Best Kids SUP Spots

It’s best to choose somewhere with reasonably shallow water, no rips and protection from the wind for their first day. There are so many child friendly stand up paddle boarding locations in Perth and WA.

We are spoilt for choice on our protected Swan River, with picnic spots that children can explore on safe waterways. Here, great entry level places for kids SUP include Deep Water Point, Bicton Baths & Point Walter.

In the ocean, South Beach Hillary Marina is very protected. Small swell days around South Cottesloe can also be good for those who are confident in the ocean and wanting to try to catch their first waves.

In the SW, there’s plenty of ideal spots no matter where you’re staying. Dunsborough Bay is ideal with shallow water and calm conditions. Cowaramup Bay, Geographe Bay, Hamelin Bay and Gnarabup are also popular choices, although the water is a little deeper than Dunsborough. Denmark and Esperance also have some stunning, protected bays to explore. Try Twilight Cove (Esperance) or Greens Pool (Denmark).

Heading north there’s so many protected spots. Lancelin, Geraldton foreshore, Coronation beach, Gnaraloo Bay are just a few