Choosing The Correct SUP Surf Board

In general, a smaller board is going to be more responsive and easier to manoeuvre on a wave. But if it’s too small, then you may struggle to catch the wave in the first place.

This is where our first hand knowledge of the vast array of shapes and sizes can help choose the right board for you. Every single one of our sales staff is highly experienced across a variety of waves – including Cottesloe, Lancelin, Rotto, down South and Gnaraloo.

Each board works differently for different people, different surfing styles and in different waves. So we recommend you demo a board first to make sure you get the perfect board for you. Just come in, grab the board and give it a go in the waves you want to surf, when it suits you.

Also use our board finder to see what could work for you.

Choosing the right SUP surf board is a balancing act between stability and manoeuvrability.

Entry Level Surf

Haven’t surfed for a while? Just getting into stand up paddle boarding?  Mainly want a board to surf around Perth (with perhaps the odd trip to places like Lancelin or Mandurah)?

There’s a great range of options for getting into waves on a SUP. Many of them turn surprising well on small waves,  making even mushy waves great fun.

Good first surf SUP boards include the:

Just remember not to buy a board that’s too small, thinking you’ll progress into it (yes, even if you’ve surfed before). You’ll progress much faster if you get a board that makes it easy to catch waves.



Intermediate Surf

Intermediate surf SUP boards suit people who already have some stand up paddle board experience or may have been a proficient surfer in the past. They’re ideal for people who are looking to take on some more challenging waves found outside Perth, like Margs and Rotto.

Popular options include the:

  • SMIK Short Mac
  • SMIK Hipster Twin (larger options)
  • Sunova Creek
  • Sunova Speeed
  • Fanatic All Wave.

These boards are the perfect transition from the bigger family board without sacrificing too much stability. They still provide enough variety to cruise around, but also catch more critical waves.

These boards will allow you to progress your skills towards the high end performance surf SUP boards.

Advanced Surf

The top surf SUP boards hold lines in barreling waves, get vertical, carve well and even pop airs if you’re good enough.

To ride them, you need to already be proficient in the waves on a SUP board.

What’s great is these boards have significant R&D in Australia by some of the world’s leading SUP surfers.

Our favourite boards include the:

If you’re still having trouble finding what you need, we can help you order a custom surf SUP through Sunova or SMIK.

  • Sunova surf SUP Designer Marcus Tardrew works at the shop so you can sit down with him at the shop and talk about what you need.
  • SMIK’s designer and local shredder, Scotty McKercher is great mates with our shop owner, Mike Galvin. So we can also help you with your custom SMIK order and even arrange a time for Scotty to meet you in the shop.

Classic Longboard Surf Style

If you’re dreaming of walking the nose, carving with style and love a sneaky soul arch, there’s some classic longboard shapes that are made for  you.

The SMIK Style Lord is one of our favourites. It’s a longboard shape designed just for this, but with a nice little whip in the tail to give it a performance edge. This board has performed well in local SUP comps and would suit casual or competitive level surfers.

If you’re sitting on the fence and can’t decide between a longboard and a shorter performance board, the SMIK Hipster Longboard might be right for you. It’s designed to be a longboard that feels a bit more like a shortboard in the turns. But yes, you can still ride the nose.