Choosing The Right SUP Board

The smaller, lighter frame of a female does make a difference when it comes to choosing the perfect girls SUP. Women generally don’t need a board that is as long, as thick or as wide as a man.

Many women at entry level will suit a SUP board that is around 9’0 to 9’7 in length.

And the good news is that modern SUP boards are much lighter and easier to carry. Many ladies SUP boards weigh under 10kg. We can show you easy ways to get it on and off the car roof, tie it down and carry it all by yourself!

Women are taking up stand up paddle boarding by storm. And manufacturers have responded well with some great boards designed for ladies.

Getting Into Waves

If you’re after a women’s entry level board for using on the river, with the option of one day catching a few small waves in the ocean, there’s some perfect options designed primarily for girls.

  • SUNS Cruise – 9’4 or 9’8 – the perfect entry level cruising SUP.
  • Stand Up Surf Shop All Rounder in either the 9’0 x 9’6.  This is a great all rounder with a full deck grip, so ideal for families
  • Sunova One 9’5 – leading in design with a beautiful timber finish.
  • Fanatic Diamond 9’6 – this women specific design is simply stunning. It’s easy to use, with effortless glide.
  • Smik E-Sea Rider 9’1 – The e-Sea Riders are fun, colourful, entry-level boards that are easy to carry, easy to paddle and provide the confidence to venture out into your first waves.

Women can often ride SUP boards in the surf with a bit more tail rocker than a heavier guy. This makes the board looser and easier to turn (and she might just start showing up the guys!).

Or just come into the shop – we’re always happy to have a chat and a coffee to help you work out what will suit you best.

His and Her SUP Boards

Stand up paddle boarding is really fun to do with your partner or friends.

The benefits of a ‘his and her’ board from the same brand is that the boards will feel and perform similarly. But they have size differences to accommodate for the weight and size differences between you both.

And the good news is that we offer discounts for multiple board purchases.

Our favourite his and her options include:

  • Sunova One – A stunning timber finish with multiple sizes to suit the couple who want to paddle on flat water and play in the surf.
  • SUNS Cruise – An good value option for flat water cruising, with the occasional bit of small wave surfing.
  • Stand Up Surf Shop All Rounder – An affordable option for those who want to mix up some flat water paddling with some fun in small surf.