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Choosing Your Foil Mast

The foil mast connects the board and foil.

As you develop your  skills, you can switch to a longer mast.


A short mast is easier to control and is the better choice in your early days. Longer masts are great when you’re more experienced, because you get more lift. They can handle more chop and can carve harder.

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Foil Mast Sizes

  • 45cm is easiest to learn on. You’ll probably use this for a few months before progressing to a longer mast. This is also a useful size if you want to surf over shallow reef.
  • 60cm (or 24.5? Go Foil) is an option for learning if you’re going to put a lot of time in at the start. You’ll then be able to stay on this one for a bit longer. Also a good option for surfing over shallow reef.
  • 68cm-75cm are popular choices for surfing (or 28.5? Go Foil).
  • 72-75cm is a good all rounder choice if you want to do a range of things – surfing, downwind, foiling on a river. You don’t need to go higher than 75cm for surfing.
  • 85-90cm is usually used for more experienced wing dinging or kite foiling. Often a good choice for the intermediate-advanced foilers across the range of foil sports.
  • 100cm is recommended primarily for big wave charging and advanced tow foiling.



Mast Brands

  • Armstrong: Six mast sizes are offered by Armstrong (45cm to 100cm) and each mast is interchangeable with any Armstrong fuselage and wing. They have a great mast length guide here.  
  • Axis: Seven mast sizes are produced (45cm to 105cm) and each mast is interchangeable with any Axis fuselage and wing.
  • Go Foil: These masts are moulded together with the fuselage into one piece. This gives it increased stiffness and strength, with fewer weak points. 
  • Lift Foils: A full carbon foil mast for a light, responsive feel. Sizes range from 28″, 32″ and 36″.  

We’ve got a full range of foil masts in store to buy or demo. Come and chat to our foil experts to work out the right foil mast for you.

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