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Wing Ding

Wing ding (aka wind wing / foil wing) is probably the fastest growing foil sport in WA. And it’s because we’ve got the ideal conditions for it – plenty of wind, beautiful water, loads of coastline, low crowds and a great variety of places.

A wing ding is an inflatable “kite/sail” that you hold with a boom or inflatable strut. It’s not attached to the board, so that the board still lifts easily.

Wing Ding is one of the easiest ways to learn to foil. It's also a good way to ride waves, learn downwinding or just have a ball on those (formerly) good-for-nothing onshore days.

Why Wing Ding?

The (wing ding) foil wing is one of the easiest ways to learn to foil – particularly if you already know how to use the wind. It gives you an easy means to get, and retain, speed. And once you’re going fast enough, you’ll get lift. No boat or jet ski required!

The wing ding has a real advantage in learning to surf waves over other forms of foiling.

  • It’s an easier way to start foil surfing waves. You’re already standing up and foiling so you avoid the trickiest part – which is standing up on a wave when your foil is also starting to lift.
  • It’s easier to use the wind to get out the back again.
  • It’s easy to de-power the foil wing once you’re riding the wave.  The wave is more than enough power for the foil to lift, so you don’t want any more once you’re riding. Too much power causes your foil to lift and get out of control.

The foil wing is also a good introduction to the ultimate joy ride – downwind foiling. It’s much easier to stay lifted than trying with just a SUP.

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Top Wing Ding Brands

  • SMIK: Locally designed and tested in WA by Scott McKercher, the SMIK wing ding has quickly established itself as one of the world’s best wing foils. It’s won several international magazine and online tests, including the 2o21 winner of the supboarderpro review, and best surf foil wing. It’s a very  stable, balanced wing, particularly at high speeds. It floats easily behind you when riding waves. Our customers love them too, as they generally fly out the door as fast as they come in.
  • Duotone: The Slick Duotone is a very versatile foil wing that you can use for downwind, freestyle and surf. It’s a great allrounder that’s popular, forgiving and easy to use. There’s also two windows in the foil wing for good visibility. Duotone also offset their carbon emissions and all their products are climate neutral from 2020 onwards.

We’ve got a full range of wing ding gear in store to buy or demo. Come and chat to our foil experts to work out the right wing ding gear for you.

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